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The 3 Stages of Planning

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Wherever you are in the process of estate planning – whether it's a new estate plan or amending an existing one – , navigating the legal system to make the appropriate decisions for you and your family can be stressful, overwhelming and expensive if you are not working with the right lawyer.

Many people avoid the decision to create an estate plan because:

  • They don’t realize the importance of a comprehensive plan or don't believe they need it
  • They created an estate plan a long time ago and believe everything is taken care of
  • They believe it’s too expensive
  • They don’t know how to find the right attorney
  • They are not sure where to begin and what to do
  • They don't want to have to make important personal decisions

In truth, estate planning may trigger those concerns but when you find the right attorney, it can actually be a thought-provoking and rewarding experience that yields peace of mind. Contact us today at 800.489.1984 to learn more.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

At Goldfarb & Luu, we are your trusted advisors, confidants and advocates and together we will develop a solution that fits your and your family’s needs. At Goldfarb & Luu:

  • We guide you with compassion, education and support
  • We simplify and explain your options
  • We are accessible to you to answer your questions and concerns

To make creating and maintaining your estate plan easier for you, we have organized our estate planning process into 3 stages.

STAGE 1: Education, Your Wishes & Drafting

Stage 1 typically begins with a phone call and ends when you sign your estate planning documents. During our first call, we will learn about you and share our client philosophy with you. From then on, we will work closely with you to plan and implement an estate plan that best suits your and your family’s needs. Throughout the process, we educate you about your options and their consequences, encourage you to think critically, and counsel you in your decision-making. Our estates plans are custom-drafted and designed to work when you need them.

Write down your questions and contact us to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

STAGE 2: Funding & Beneficiary Designations

If your estate plan includes a Trust, it is critical that it is properly funded. Funding is the process of changing the title of your assets from your name into the name of the Trust. If this part of the process is not completed and updated throughout your life, your estate will likely end up in probate and cost your estate a lot more money than necessary. At the same time, some of your assets will have beneficiaries and will not be in the name of your Trust. If beneficiary designations are outdated, your assets may end up in the hands of the wrong people. During Stage 2, we make sure that all of this is done correctly and completely.

STAGE 3: Maintenance

In order to ensure that our estate plans work in the way they are intended, we maintain a life-long relationship with you and reconnect periodically every few years. During our maintenance meetings, we review your estate plan, assets and other aspects of your estate plan to determine if they are up-to-date. From these meetings, perhaps amendments are warranted or maybe we merely remind you of some outstanding homework and offer additional resources to help you and your family.

We are a resource hub for you and your family. We encourage you to contact us for referrals or when you have questions. We like to consider ourselves small town lawyers with big city experience.

Devoted to Making Clients for Life

At Goldfarb & Luu, we recognize the importance of treating our clients with the utmost respect and compassion. We do whatever we can to make sure our clients have peace of mind. Everything we do – from our actions to our processes – is focused on making sure you know we care. Whether you have a crisis that requires our immediate attention or simply have questions that demand answers, we find solutions and take care of your best interests. The result: a life-long relationship of mutual trust.

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