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Our Happy Goldfarb & Luu Client Family

Goldfarb & Luu is simply the best

Rebecca and Dinh are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, but I wouldn’t want to run up against either of them in a legal matter. The whole firm has a warmth to it that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a law office. With good customer follow-up and timely updates, the firm gets the job done quickly. They know what to do and how to do it which saved time and money. In a few words, Goldfarb & Luu is simply the best!


Goldfarb & Luu were fantastic!

Goldfarb & Luu were fantastic! They were my partners as I worked through my brother’s estate. Rebecca helped frame the work that needed to be done and was always available for questions. Michelle was so helpful and responsive to everything that needed to be done. I could not have done it without them and I am so grateful for their help and support!


Truly wonderful and caring

Sometimes words fail us. But not now… Legally Love is stamped at Goldfarb & Luu. We were very honoured to be able to be represented by the people who are truly professional but above all, truly WONDERFUL AND CARING. I would without any hesitation recommend this Amazing Law Firm to anyone who has faced a tragic loss of the loved one and needs Legal and Caring Support. Thank You to everyone and especially to Dinh Luu. Heartfelt THANKS.


I have worked with them for several years and highly recommend them for your estate and elder law needs

Rebecca and Dinh, and their professional team, were caring and invaluable in helping me to navigate my estate plan after being widowed unexpectedly. I have worked with them for several years and highly recommend them for your estate and elder law needs.


The team was great, professional, and easy to work with

Pleasure to work with the whole team, especially in the difficult, emotional time. I appreciate their professionalism and the personal touch. Thank you all!

Magdalena Kerekes

We feel so lucky that we were able to find Goldfarb & Luu...

When my dad got sick we didn’t know what to do. His finances were a mess and we couldn’t afford the care he needed. We had spoken to social workers, advocates, the hospital, the rehab facility, but no one could give us clear instructions on what to do… only advice on how to fill out some forms. We were referred by an advocate to a different lawyer who wanted to charge us before they even knew if they could help us. Not even 5 minutes of time… We were referred by a friend to Rebecca and Dinh. We did some research before calling them and they had so much good feedback on every website. We were skeptical at first. How can a law firm have all 5 stars and such rave reviews? We met with both of them for an extremely detailed overview of what we needed to do and further information needed. They were kind, calm and clear. They didn’t rush us and I could tell that they care about their clients. They sprung into action immediately because some of the forms we needed were due within a few weeks. Their communication was constant by phone and email. All of their other staff were also smart, helpful and efficient, especially Anita. Despite our case being very complicated, we were able to achieve all the goals we discussed by the deadlines required. We feel so lucky that we were able to find Goldfarb & Luu and recommend them to anyone looking for an elder attorney!!!

D. R.

Goldfarb & Luu impressed me with their knowledge and expertise

Of all the decisions you will ever make in your life the most important will be the definition of the manner in which you wish to be treated during a lengthy convalescence due to injury or illness; the treatment you will receive at the at the end of your life, and the plans you make to provide for your loved ones after your death. One doesn’t want to hesitate, nor make a mistake, regarding these times. There are dire consequences for you and the ones you love. You want to do it right the first time. There are no second chances. The area of Estate Planning and Elder Law is a maze in which even the best attorney, unfamiliar with this area, can get lost, make irreversible mistakes, and defeat their own best intentions. A smart Attorney, unless an expert in this area, will not attempt to navigate this complex area alone. As an attorney, retired, I am generally knowledgeable about the area of Estate Planning. But no expert. I know when I am out of my element and expertise. So I appealed to an attorney friend of mine, an expert in the field of Family Law, for the name of a law firm specializing in the field of Estate Planning and Elder Law. He recommended Goldfarb & Luu. At our initial interview Goldfarb & Luu impressed me with their knowledge and expertise. They corrected some of my own assumptions as to the process and law regarding my estate plan. I felt very comfortable with them, their expertise, and hired them to design my Health Care Directive and Estate Plan according to my wishes. The product of their work reflected the manner in which I wished to be cared for in the event of my incapacity due to illness or injury, and, of course, the manner in which I was to be treated at the end of my life. In the final analysis only you know specifically how you wish to be treated under those circumstances. It is unfair to burden your relatives and friends with second-guessing your desires under the pressure of your incapacity or death. The best of your intentions may fail in the absence of expert planning. There are no second chances. It’s “too late when it’s too late!” My Health Care Directive and my Estate Plan are in place. I rest easy knowing that Goldfarb & Luu Incorporated my express wishes in those documents, and that those decisions will not burden my family or friends.

Robert Perlmutter, Attorney at Law (Retired)

I am so very grateful that I was referred to Goldfarb & Luu

Where to start? I am so very grateful that I was referred to Goldfarb & Luu since choosing an estate planning attorney is so important, they will be the one helping you decide/express what will happen to your estate after you are no longer here to make your wishes known on your own. Dinh Luu prepared a Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive for my husband and me. She made the whole process painless and had referrals ready to other great professionals when I had questions in regards to my son’s life insurance policies and a few other issues that came up during preparation of our documents. She made my husband and me very comfortable which was really key since during the estate planning process one needs to be open and honest when discussing the most intimate details of their personal life, finances and wishes. She was very patient and professional. Dinh took the time needed to explain any pertinent legal concepts which allowed us to make informed decisions regarding all of the issues for our specific estate planning needs. The presentation of the final product was the icing on the cake. Our estate planning documents came in a very organized leather case as well as digital copies on two small silver flash drives. I feel that Goldfarb & Luu gave us a high quality estate plan and in doing so they became our advisors for life with regards to our estate plan as well as other legal needs. Thank you so much!

Lisa C.

We highly recommend Goldfarb & Luu to anyone needing estate planning

Our experience with the law firm of Goldfarb & Luu in the preparation of our family trust was nothing but positive. We entered into the idea of creating a family trust with some trepidation over the complexity and enormity of the task. Our fears were put to rest upon meeting Rebecca and Dinh. The initial interview was conducted in our home, and our questions and concerns were addressed. They defined what was needed to establish our trust and told us what documents and information we needed to provide. The worksheets and checklists made the gathering of the information an easy task for us. Their efficiency in working with us to create the trust made the entire estate planning experience so much easier than we thought it was going to be. They helped us to examine the necessary protections we needed to have in order that our estate be secure for us and for our heirs. For example, they recommended an umbrella liability policy for the protection of our assets, something we had not considered. Rebecca and Dinh were personable, professional, and efficient throughout the entire process. We were encouraged to call them whenever we had questions or concerns; their flat rate fee for their services covered everything we needed and we were not charged every time we had a question. We appreciated that. We highly recommend Goldfarb & Luu to anyone needing estate planning. For us, working with them was a pleasure, and we are secure in the knowledge that our family’s estate plan has been solidly constructed.

Alex & Tanya

Working with Goldfarb & Luu was a wonderful experience

When I needed legal assistance with some important estate planning documents, I was only comfortable entrusting the work to the best. After extensive research, I chose Goldfarb & Luu. Both Rebecca and Dinh put me completely at ease with their professionalism and their personal approach to their clients. The work they did for me was timely, thorough, efficient, and entirely responsive to my legal needs and wishes. They knew the law, and they really listened. Also, at every step along the way, they took the time to make sure I understood the changes they were recommending. Working with Goldfarb & Luu was a wonderful experience. I look forward to working with them again.

Carol G.

We would enthusiastically recommend the services of Goldfarb & Luu

We are so glad that we hired Rebecca Goldfarb and Dinh Luu to handle our estate planning needs. They provided professional presentations in a warm, caring manner. Each partner demonstrated thorough knowledge of the field, yet gave us credit for intelligence as they explained detailed information. Both Rebecca and Dinh offered specific suggestions, but never pressured us into features we did not want or need. We would enthusiastically recommend the services of Goldfarb & Luu.

Bruce & Robin

I'm so grateful that I found two honest, honorable, and trustworthy people to handle my legal affairs

Sadly, my wonderful mom died in August 2012. The experience was devastating, but thankfully there was a Trust to guide us. I realized, at age 65, that I needed to get my affairs in order for my children. I needed a Trust. I was nervous and intidmidated by what I thought would be a difficult and expensive experience. I was referred to Rebecca Goldfarb. We met, and I was immediately comfortable with her knowledge and demeanor.I later met with her partner, Dinh Luu to complete the estate planning process. I was equally impressed with her knowledge, and patience with my long-suffering questions. With great ease, efficiency and hand-holding from Rebecca and Dinh, I now have a Living Trust, Will, Advance Health Care Directive and Durable Power of Attorney. I’m relieved that this will help guide my children in the future. Thanks to Rebecca and Dinh, this has been a pleasant experience. They continue to check up on me to ensure that I’m OK. In this crazy world, I’m so grateful that I found two honest, honorable, and trustworthy people to handle my legal affairs.

Nina G.