Julianna Zimmerman

Marketing Maven

I have always been fascinated with all things advertising and marketing. My father drew ads. He was a graphic designer (back in the days when you drew your designs with a pencil, not a keyboard). He started a business at home when I was about 6 years old and the whole family pitched in to help him work! We would spread out all over the dining room, stuffing mailers and folding print copy. To this day the smell of fresh ink stops me in my tracks!

Professional Background

My love of advertising led me the obvious choice of college majors, Sociology (ha!) which led me to the (also obvious) career selection, hotel sales. I spent most of my young career in luxury properties and in renowned locations like New York City. As fun as this was, my heartstrings pulled me back home to my family in Florida.

I packed up my then, new husband, and our adventure began! I became a mom to THE most amazing little boy as well as to two four-legged babies. In 2012, I lost my beloved father to pancreatic cancer. His journey was quick but brutal and our family was completely unprepared. I think we even bought a will at Office Depot and brought it to him in hospice. It was horrible. The experience changed my life.

I left the hospitality industry the same year and made the commitment that I would only work in a field that made a difference. I finally found my way back to advertising & marketing working for an animal healthcare company that’s mission was to give back to animals in need. Five years later, I joined the team at Goldfarb & Luu as the Marketing Maven! My experience with my father has offered an insight and compassion for our clients that can truly only come from personal experience. I am passionate about working to help educate people on how to plan for their futures and protect their families. This position has brought me inexplicable joy and peace.


When I am not working, I am busily homeschooling my son and enjoying every precious moment I can watching him grow up! I love to cook (and eat), drink wine and watch college football! Go Gators!