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Preparation Is Key

While we celebrate the legality of same-sex marriage, it is critical that your estate planning affairs are in order. You won the right to marry but still face prejudice and discrimination. This is why having a comprehensive estate plan is critical to ensuring your voice is heard, wishes are honored and your loved ones are protected. Single, married or in a civil union or domestic partnership, failing to plan puts you and your loved ones in the hands of the courts. At Goldfarb & Luu, our skilled Tarzana estate planning lawyers will assist you to create a comprehensive estate plan designed to avoid court and unwanted outside intervention.

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Legal Issues of LGBTQ Estate Planning

Whether you are single, married, in a domestic partnership or civil union, a viable estate plan will make your wishes legal and enforceable. No matter what your marital status is, how wealthy you are or your age, creating an estate plan is critical for you. Sadly because not everyone embraces your way of life, it can more critical for you to have an estate plan than for straight couples.

Imagine if your partner suddenly becomes incapacitated without an estate plan and none of the accounts are in your name. You could not access those accounts without a Durable Power of Attorney or a court order. It’s now too late to create a DPOA because you must have capacity to sign, so you’re left with court as your only option. This is true even if you were legally married or entered into a domestic partnership or civil union with your partner.

Similarly, what if your partner is ill or has an accident and ends up in the hospital without mental capacity and the health care providers do not value your relationship? Without an Advance Health Care Directive (ACHD), you may not be able to make decisions?

What if the court appoints someone other than you as the Conservator? You may find yourself shutout of the process of caring for your partner and making financial and medical decisions that affect both your lives. Sadly, these stories are far too common and probably not what you or your partner want.

Another common situation where you could find yourself shutout is if your partner dies without an estate plan. Far too often surviving members of LGBTQ couples have found themselves unable to make decisions for funeral arrangements and last rites. When it comes time to administering your partner’s estate, you may not have a say in how the estate is run and the default laws of intestacy will determine how assets are distributed among family members. A non-married partner will get nothing. This rarely, if ever, honors someone’s wishes.

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Don't put yourself and your loved ones at risk by failing to plan your estate. At Goldfarb & Luu, we will zealously fight for you and help you avoid the hazards of failing to plan as a LGBTQ individual. Our experienced Tarzana estate planning attorneys are prepared to help you plan.

We proudly serve Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties.

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