Estate Planning Attorneys

Sickness, disability and death are natural aspects of life that few people want to think about, much less plan for. It takes a thoughtful person to foresee that planning for these difficult times will greatly reduce the emotional and legal toll on your family. No matter the size of your estate, a comprehensive estate plan can safeguard your family against the unnecessary stress, delay and expense of court procedures and potential discord among family members.

Not only do the laws change but, more often, people’s wishes change. When outdated wishes are included in estate plans, your goals will be defeated. We can help you discover your current wishes, revise outdated trust documents and update or create your documents to reflect current laws and wishes. Maintaining a life-long relationship is the only way we know that your documents will actually work when you need them.

Honoring Your Final Wishes & Protecting Your Loved Ones

Your estate plan can accomplish numerous objectives without forcing your loved ones to make tough decisions during an already difficult time. It can also help your loved ones minimize or avoid court involvement and unnecessary delays and costs of a guardianships, conservatorship, probate, in the event of your incapacity or death.

In short, your estate plan gives your final wishes the strength of the law and will be the best way to protect your family’s financial stability. In the event of an unexpected accident or a serious illness, your family will know what medical measures you want taken. In the event of your death, a well-thought out and effectively drafted estate plan can provide peace of mind to your family and loved ones.

Plan for Tomorrow

Estate planning requires a thorough discussion and review of your personal goals, family dynamic and finances. In truth, no one wants to talk about incapacity or death. If you do not make the decisions while you are healthy, the court will end up making these decisions for you. Careful planning means you and your family can enjoy everything you have worked for on your own terms.

Completing Your Estate Plan Can Help Convey Your Wishes, Including: