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Elder Abuse

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As a society, we have an obligation to care for our elders. Unfortunately, our communities are plagued with elder abuse. Victims of elder abuse are our family members, our neighbors and friends. Perpetrators of elder abuse are also family members, our neighbors and friends. Sometimes, they are caregivers, conmen and other strangers who prey on our elders.

If you suspect that elder abuse has occurred, or if you have been victimized yourself, please contact our firm today. At Goldfarb & Luu, our skilled Tarzana elder law attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by our elders the devastating effects of elder abuse. When you retain our firm, you can expect dedicated, zealous and knowledgeable attorneys who truly care about you and your family.

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Common Forms of Elder Abuse

The prevalence of elder abuse comes as a shock to many, but elders often struggle with memory loss, immobility and other vulnerabilities that make them particularly susceptible. Sadly, many seniors are “out of sight, out of mind” and do not have enough people looking out for them.

There are six main categories of elder abuse:

  • Financial abuse
  • Scams
  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Psychological/emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse

With the proper team in place, these types of abuses can be prevented. At Goldfarb & Luu, we treat each situation with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

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We Stand For Justice

If your loved one has been abused, or if you even suspect that abuse has occurred, you have an obligation to take legal action. Quick and decisive action can stop the ongoing abuse and prevent others from being victims of the same perpetrators.

These issues are never easy to handle, from both an emotional and legal standpoint. By entrusting your case to our skilled Tarzana elder abuse lawyers, we can use our expertise to bring preventative action and accountability.

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