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Blog Posts in November, 2021

  • Tax Laws – Big Changes That Could Affect YOUR Estate: IF YOU HAVE OVER $5M, PLEASE READ ASAP!

    While estate planning attorneys, especially those who do advance tax planning, dream of a having a crystal ball, unfortunately, they don’t exist. By now you’ve probably heard about President Biden’s tax reform bill. His bill proposes to change many different types of taxes. This article only addresses the Federal Estate Tax (FET)*. Please consult your CPA and a tax attorney for more details. Not ...
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  • FALL FAMILY FUN Around Town

    L.A. Zoo Lights! This year’s event features more light animals than ever before, spectacular new additions – both hand-crafted and high-tech – and returning favorites. Glowing animals and an unforgettable nighttime journey that includes the world’s largest illuminated pop-up storybook! Zoo info. Harvest Events on the Farm! Pick your own veggies, take tractor rides, feed farm animals and other ...
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  • Is Your Kid 18 Years or Older? If so, READ this!

    Many parents have felt mixed emotions about school resuming. On the one hand, we’re thrilled kids are back in school and around their peers and learning in person but on the other hand being home was safer for not getting Covid. For parents with kids who are 18, have they created their “baby” estate plan? You’re probably thinking, wait what, baby estate plan … I still support my kid, there’s no ...
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    MUSINGS AND UPDATES OMG, school has resumed. It’s nerve-wracking for the parents due to Covid but thrilling for the kids. Taryn loves every day at school. Luckily, it’s outside in nature and boy do they get DIRTY. Her favorite things are the food (the chef sealed the deal for me too), learning about nature, being with the farm animals and being stimulated mentally and physically all day long. It’s ...
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    Jimi Hendrix was a genius of music. He could do anything with a guitar, including setting one on fire during a concert. Unfortunately, something he neglected to do was to set up a trust for what turned out to be a multimillion-dollar estate; a mistake that cost his family 45 years of litigation, countless dollars and a lot of pain. Jimi died tragically at the age of 28. Like many young stars, he ...
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  • Charley’s Chatter

    Hello again humans! I hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying fall! I like this time of year. Mommy and daddy take me out for long hikes and other nice humans always say “precious!” or “how cute!” because mommy cut my hair. I hope you have a happy holiday season. And if you are planning to give me a gift, don’t forget, I like meat treats, you can leave the biscuits at home. Bye for now!
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    Meet Stephanie Cardoza, G&L’s Senior Paralegal What is a Paralegal you ask? We sat down with Steph to find out… “A paralegal is to a lawyer, what a nurse is to a doctor.“ Simplified, paralegals assist lawyers and clients in the delivery of services. In our case, lots of hand holding to prepare estate plans and assist with court matters. We also asked what Steph likes best about working for G&L. ...
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    9 Tips to Keep Your Sanity Over the Holidays Plan: Make a to-do list and keep it handy so you can refer to it while you’re out and about. Calendar: Schedule time in your calendar when you can and will actually do these things. Break it down: If your list is overwhelming, break it into smaller, more doable pieces. You don’t have to complete everything in a day. Consolidate: Group like items or ...
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  • The second part of this Podcast from “Women Who Rock With Success - Investigates”

    Check out the second part of this Podcast from “Women Who Rock With Success - Investigates” Rebecca Goldfarb shares advice with Laura French about Powers of Attorney and Advance Healthcare Directives https://youtu.be/Z5vWEH82JZc
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  • Check out this Podcast from “Women Who Rock With Success - Investigates”

    Check out this Podcast from “Women Who Rock With Success - Investigates” Rebecca shares advice with Candice Bond and Laura French about Powers of Attorney and Advance Healthcare Directives. They discuss the need for these two documents and how they may vary from state to state. They also discuss estate planning, wills and trusts. Listen and learn! Watch the video here
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