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Taryn's Tidbits (AKA SNOWIE)


This past year has been really different!

I loved my school like a second home but we began to homeschool due to Covid. Mama creates lesson plans. Sometimes they are hard but they always include fun stuff like math games and, my favorite, science and engineering experiments! I completed Kindergarten and 1st grade so I’m skipping to 2nd grade.

Because of Covid, my big Sissy moved here from NY. I’ve loved spending time with her! I’ll be sad when she moves back.

I haven’t minded wearing a mask; my dolls and lovies wear them too. I do miss going out to do things. Mama and Dada have kept me safe at home. I’m lucky to be able to play outside in nature and spend time with my horses. I love them and riding. I only wish I could take my cat outside to walk her like a dog!

I also love watering the plants and checking on our tomatoes and strawberries to see if there is one to eat! I like to make up recipes and cook. Dada took off the training wheels on my bike and I learned to ride it by myself the next day! But most of all, I Iove imaginary play!

I’m looking forward to my new school in August. After we toured it, I declared: “I’m going to that school, no matter what!”