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Check On Elders

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone but for some it has been especially devastating. There are those who have lost their lives and our hearts go out to every grieving family. Many elders have been isolated in communities without visitors and social interaction month after month.

Thankfully, we can visit our elders again. Many have declined due to the isolation, and now is the time to bring love and vitality back into their lives.

Here are some ideas:

  • Spend time together face-to-face. Hug them and hold their hand!
  • Listen to them and learn from them – share stories, memories and experiences!
  • Bring favorite foods and treats to them and enjoy them together!
  • Inquire about their favorite outings and go on a date!
  • Bring pictures, art from kids and other things to decorate their rooms.
  • Express your appreciation for them. Tell them how they make you feel!