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Assisted Living: Where Lifestyle Meets Safety

Guest: DANIEL SAGAL-Founder of Total Senior

Nursing home? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Cruise ship? SIGN ME UP!

How about we meet in the middle at an assisted living community?

Picture this... you wake up in your apartment, and just a short walk down the hall, your friends are waiting for you in the dining room so you can all order breakfast. You sit down to some hot coffee, put in your order and start planning your day. Yoga at 10, a walk around the neighborhood at 11, lunch at noon, oil painting at 2, a card game at 4, dinner at 6, finishing up the day with a classic movie at 7.

This can be your lifestyle (or that of your loved one). Assisted living (AL) is not the same as a nursing home. AL is all about stimulation and companionship as we age (this is so important especially now due to Covid). Quality of life is the name of the game and assisted living is where lifestyle meets safety and care. Additional support can be provided if needed: medication management, a caregiver nearby during showers to prevent catastrophic falls, safe and reliable transportation for appointments, shopping and socializing with friends outside of the AL community. Compare this to being alone at home, perhaps bored and lonesome, not eating well, few, if any, outside activities, etc.

Surprisingly, it may not cost as much as you think. The average monthly rent for studio apartments is under $4,000 with a reasonable cost of care billed a la carte. Compare that to mortgage/rent, food, car/car insurance, someone to help with shopping and errands, a companion, etc. and it’s pretty comparable.

If you want to learn more about living arrangements of all kinds, please reach out to Daniel Sagal! Get the support you need, live comfortably, and enjoy your golden years.