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Blog Posts in July, 2021


    Here in the US, there seems to be a light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel. The number of vaccinations increases daily and the call to travel grows louder. As countries open their borders for visitors, there are some things you should remember. This applies to domestic travel too, as there are still many restrictions abroad. Not only should you still be vigilant (yes, it’s exhausting) with ...
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  • Family Summer Fun days FREE - LOS ANGELES

    Explore around L.A. and experience free family fun that everyone can enjoy! Free L.A. Museum Entry Days. Almost every local museum is free to the public one day a month! While others like the Getty museums, Broad and Hammer museums are free all year round. Reference list here . Outdoor Movie Showings! Newport Movies at the Beach on Friday and Saturday evenings. Bring a blanket and watch some great ...
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  • Assisted Living: Where Lifestyle Meets Safety

    Guest: DANIEL SAGAL-Founder of Total Senior Nursing home? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Cruise ship? SIGN ME UP! How about we meet in the middle at an assisted living community? Picture this... you wake up in your apartment, and just a short walk down the hall, your friends are waiting for you in the dining room so you can all order breakfast. You sit down to some hot coffee, put in your order and start ...
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  • Taryn's Tidbits (AKA SNOWIE)

    MUSINGS AND UPDATES This past year has been really different! I loved my school like a second home but we began to homeschool due to Covid. Mama creates lesson plans. Sometimes they are hard but they always include fun stuff like math games and, my favorite, science and engineering experiments! I completed Kindergarten and 1st grade so I’m skipping to 2nd grade. Because of Covid, my big Sissy ...
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  • Charley’s Chatter

    My fellow humans! I hope you are safe and healthy after such a long year. I’m happy my mommy and daddy are healthy. It’s been fabulous to hang out with them ALL THE TIME and I’ve gotten pretty darn good at Zoom meetings! But I really miss meeting all of you and playing with my office humans. Please note that when you do come, I like meat treats, you can leave the biscuits at home. See you soon!
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    How is it possible that Prince did NOT have an estate plan when he died? The first issue was, who would administer the estate? Prince wasn’t married and didn’t have children but had half-siblings, many of them in fact. And becoming the administrator would allow his half-sibling control over arguably $163M. Surely, this was an expensive battle. Next, the estate became embroiled in an extensive ...
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    Meet Jessica, Director of First Impressions Jessica came to G&L after a 14-year career in casting, and we couldn’t be happier! She is often the first person you speak to when you call our firm, and before Covid, the first face you’d see when you walked through our doors. She is also the queen of Rebecca’s calendar and this is no small task! Jessica and her wife, Elena, have been married for 3 ...
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  • Check On Elders

    The pandemic has been difficult for everyone but for some it has been especially devastating. There are those who have lost their lives and our hearts go out to every grieving family. Many elders have been isolated in communities without visitors and social interaction month after month. Thankfully, we can visit our elders again. Many have declined due to the isolation, and now is the time to ...
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  • Recipe: Summer Smoothie

    Summer Smoothie: 1 banana (fresh or frozen) 1 cup yogurt 3 cups of your favorite frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cherries, mangoes, peaches) 1/2 cup OJ or apple juice Optional: add a carrot, coconut water, spinach or top with granola. Blend together and enjoy!
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