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Taryn’s Tidbits

We’ve been meaning to write this newsletter for years and what started as a section about a baby is now about a big girl! She’s now 5 ½ and we’re homeschooling due to Covid. Like many, my husband and I struggle to balance work with homeschooling.

The flip side of that coin is that we get to spend time together scattered throughout the workday. It’s not often that you get to hear a 5 year old on the pretend headset with her clients talking about how much she loves them and takes such good care of them, or wants to make sure their assets are in their trust and that their wishes will get honored, or how sorry she is that her client’s mother died, or how hard it is to take the keys away from an older parent, etc.

Clearly, Covid-19 will have everlasting effects on us all, some more devastating than others. However, one silver lining is that this generation will have been more exposed to what we do when we’re at work than ever before. I hope it will lead to a more innovative, compassionate and happy generation in years to come.