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Trying to Be Calm in the Chaos

If you follow our blogs at all you know that we love Steve Lopez of the LA Times. He published this **article on Saturday, just a few days after the Governor mandated that residents stay home and most businesses shut down, in the state of California.

As Americans, we are used to a certain level of "control" in our life. We have routines that we follow daily; we go to work, we socialize with our colleagues, we come home and play with our kids, we hit our favorite gym or yoga studio (especially when we need a stress release). We have our go-to meals on a busy weeknight or our favorite restaurant when we just can't bring ourselves to cook.

Thanks to the coronavirus, all of that has been completely disrupted. Now what? Our worry is collective. Try to take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, and take a look at the things that you CAN control in your life (even now).

These are some things that I am working on and thought they may help you too...

Working from home; it is not easy. Try to make a schedule for yourself that includes breaks, time to get up and stretch, eat and maybe play a game with your kids. Having hours you can count on will help set boundaries for you and your family (even your employer), and hopefully allow you a stream of productivity with minimal interruptions (hopefully!).

Finding a new way to exercise; turn to YouTube for free workouts, yoga classes, even classes you can do with your family! Everyone trying to triangle pose together is certain to bring fits of laughter!

School at home; also NOT easy! If your kids are now schooling at home, have some grace for yourself. This is not "homeschooling," this is school at home. They are not the same. Just know that your kids will be fine through this and a little extra time on their own may be exactly what their imaginations need! Check out shows like Brain Games and BrainChild and YouTube videos of Gross Science to fill in the gaps! You will learn more than you ever thought possible, and again - giggles galore.

What to eat; try making your own pizzas for comfort food and a little family fun. Maybe make bread or brownies from scratch! Most of us have some staples in the pantry that we can use to try something we typically wouldn't spend the time creating. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that we all may be eating differently right now, and that is ok.

Mood; turn on your favorite music (maybe even in your earbuds, just for you), go for walks, play games with your family. Instead of pouring over every single news article, watch old Star Wars movies and laugh over how the technology has changed! Download audio books that you can all listen to together (I am considering some of these)! Try to keep things light. Let go of the little annoyances as quickly as you can (to avoid escalating arguments!).

Give yourself the freedom to relax. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. This was true before you ever heard the word "coronavirus." Take control where there is control to be taken!

**Before you click the article from the LA Times, know that he touches on many of the anxieties we are all feeling right now. If you are in an anxious place, maybe skip it this time.