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Suddenly Working from Home?


Working from home is something I have been blessed (and cursed) to do since my son was almost a year old. He is now 11.

There are a million reasons to love this set up and probably as many to hate it.

Let's begin with the obvious; I am writing this in my pajamas with wrecked hair and I don't care. Sure, I can run a brush though my hair and change my shirt and be ready for a zoom meeting in 25 seconds (a skill that takes a little time to hone), but there is also a chance that on my way back to my desk I will see that the cat has thrown up on the couch. And then what? Leave it until after my meeting? I don't think so!

This is obviously only a 2 minute peek into the life of a work from home professional. Most of us are now finding out the hard way that the comforts of home can also wreak havoc on our best intentions. Just like with anything that is new and thrust upon you in an unexpected way, you need a little time to adjust. Try to cut yourself a little slack as you learn this new normal!

I had planned to write a list of do's and don'ts to help make your work-to-life ratio happily in balance but in my research, I found that Jessica Gottlieb had already done it for me!

Read what Jessica had to say here... and hang in there. You will find your way!

photo cred: freeimages