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Happy Heart Day!

Darlene Love is the perfect person to talk about on Valentine's Day! Why? Because, well... her last name is LOVE, it is American Heart Month, and it is the time of year that the American Heart Association celebrates, GO RED For Women, an event that encourages awareness for women's heart health and stroke prevention. Here is her story from heart.org...

"Darlene's heart story is unique because she didn't have the typical warning signs for women.

That also makes it more important to share.

While her episode had a happy ending, she encourages others not to take the same risks. When your body is sending signs that something's not right, get help right away.

"I'm telling you, it's different for everybody," she said. "The doctor said, `You know your body better than anybody.' You're the one who knows if you're having aches and pains. You've got to take care of your body to make it last."