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Blog Posts in 2020

  • CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) & Estate Planning

    CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) & ESTATE PLANNING During times of crisis most of us share similar fears and concerns. The Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Collectively, we are all worried about our families and friends, livelihoods and neighbors. What used to be a nagging voice in our head is now a full conversation with the volume cranked up to ten! What will happen if I get sick? What will happen if ...
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  • Coronavirus: Managing Your Mental Health

    If you are anything like me, you vacillate between calm and positive to fearful and nervous, about 25 times a day. The stress we are experiencing from the uncertainty of the Covid19 pandemic is real and tending to ourselves should not be ignored. Our mental health is equally as important as our physical health. But what can we do to protect ourselves mentally? We cannot become socially distant ...
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  • Social Distancing from the Hackers and the Scammers?

    Thanks to the Coronavirus/Covid19, by now we are all becoming aware of the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with working from home. (In case you missed our blog with tips on WFH, you can read it here ). One thing you may not have considered is how this new normal opens us up to the online scammers, lurking in the shadows. Our intention, of course, is not to give you more things to worry about ...
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  • More People Are Thinking About Their Wills, Forcing Lawyers to Improvise

    Rebecca was among the few attorneys interviewed for this article. Thanks to Bloomberg LP for bringing awareness and important insight during this uncertain time in our history. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-25/death-fears-fuel-demand-for-wills-forcing-lawyers-to-improvise
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  • Suddenly Working from Home?

    Working from home is something I have been blessed (and cursed) to do since my son was almost a year old. He is now 11. There are a million reasons to love this set up and probably as many to hate it. Let's begin with the obvious; I am writing this in my pajamas with wrecked hair and I don't care. Sure, I can run a brush though my hair and change my shirt and be ready for a zoom meeting in 25 ...
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  • COVID19 - Student Loan Payments on Pause?

    As we navigate this new pandemic landscape with no map, no compass, no tour guide - we will try to share as much of the positive news as we can. 60 days may not be enough, but at least it is a start! Read this article published by the American Bar Association. https://www.abajournal.com/news/article/federal-student-loan-payments-suspended-with-no-interest
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  • Trying to Be Calm in the Chaos

    If you follow our blogs at all you know that we love Steve Lopez of the LA Times. He published this ** article on Saturday, just a few days after the Governor mandated that residents stay home and most businesses shut down, in the state of California. As Americans, we are used to a certain level of "control" in our life. We have routines that we follow daily; we go to work, we socialize with our ...
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  • What to Do Now That You are Home...

    Coronavirus (Covid-19) - What to do now that you are home…. In addition to staying safe and spending quality time with family, you now have time to complete those pesky projects that have been hovering over your to-do lists for months or years. Let’s pick; organizing old photos or working on your estate plan ? While many might pick the first one and boy does that feel good to get done, the second ...
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  • Coronavirus/COVID-19 in California and Your Estate Plan

    Coronavirus/COVID-19 in California and Your Estate Plan . We are in uncharted territories with the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope everyone is staying safe and isn’t dangerously affected by it even though it will clearly impact many. We hesitated to write anything about the virus that related to estate planning because for most of us, even if we get sick, it will not lead to incapacity or death. ...
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  • Coronavirus? WHO is Most at Risk

    "As public health officials move to confront the coronavirus , they are targeting their most urgent messages to the elderly and frail who are at greatest risk from COVID-19 ." https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-08/coronavirus-elderly-frail-people-at-risk
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  • Ted Talk - COVID-19

    Informative Ted talk (Q & A) on COVID-19 and who is most at risk. https://www.ted.com/talks/david_heymann_what_we_do_and_don_t_know_about_the_coronavirus?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare
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  • Saving the Planet Never Gets Old

    Nothing warms our heart more than hearing about seniors that are active in their communities and enjoying life! So obviously, this article by our friend, Steve Lopez of the LA Times caught our eye! Being active is one thing, but saving the planet? Why yes, yes indeed. At 101 no less... https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-02-01/retirement-home-seniors-fight-climate-change
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  • Happy Heart Day!

    Darlene Love is the perfect person to talk about on Valentine's Day! Why? Because, well... her last name is LOVE, it is American Heart Month, and it is the time of year that the American Heart Association celebrates, GO RED For Women, an event that encourages awareness for women's heart health and stroke prevention. Here is her story from heart.org... "Darlene's heart story is unique because she ...
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  • Kirk Douglas, a Star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dies at 103

    Rest In Peace, Kirk Douglas. You were a holiday legend. May we all live to be 103! Here is Mr. Douglas' New York Times Obituary .
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  • Let's GO RED!

    In case you were wondering, GO RED is an acronym... see what it means in this quick read by the American Heart Association... https://www.goredforwomen.org/en/get-involved/give/wear-red-and-give/what-it-means-to-go-red-for-women?fun_cid=15819710201623651613
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