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Consider the Conversation...

Having tough discussions is something that many of us avoid. I mean, of course! No one likes to talk about becoming ill and the fragility of life. It's scary to ponder our mortality. But what about letting a loved one know that you've noticed they may have a problem? That their memory seems to be failing or that they are mixing up their words when they talk?

This article posted by the Alzheimer's Association discusses the importance of getting these discussions going as soon as possible...

“Discussing Alzheimer’s is challenging for families and this campaign tackles the issue directly,” said Michael Carson, Chief Marketing Officer, Alzheimer’s Association. “Initiating conversations sooner can enable early diagnosis, which offers many important benefits, including allowing more time for critical care planning, better disease management and providing diagnosed individuals a voice in their future care. The ad campaign is designed to encourage and empower people to have productive conversations before a crisis occurs.”

Please read this article and take heed; you never know who you may be able to help!