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  • Your Family Deserves Better Than This...

    If you have been following entertainment news recently you probably know that John Singleton passed away, at the very young age of 51, in late April. He’s celebrated a long list of achievements since his Academy Award nomination for best director, Boyz n the Hood , in 1991. Sadly, an accomplishment that never made it to the list was AN UPDATED ESTATE PLAN! Singleton suffered a massive stroke about ...
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  • How Much Do You Love Mom?

    Mother's Day is here and you’re probably still looking for the perfect gift. Flowers and cards are always appreciated, but maybe this year, you can get her something different: the peace of mind that comes with an estate plan. Wait, what? We know it’s not pretty or poetic but hear us out. An estate plan can be the perfect gift for mothers of any age or stage of life. For Moms with Grown Kids If ...
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  • Reclaim the Art of Letter Writing

    Letter writing has been described as an art form of the past. A personal touch that future generations will never know. Can we change that? Letters are therapy. They are a way to communicate your feelings along with the ability to edit yourself in the process. Letters offer the opportunity to pour our feelings, needs and desires onto a page. And then go back to read and reread our words to make ...
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  • When hospice care goes wrong, where can you turn?

    As the Nation's largest living adult population, Baby Boomers, age, how prepared are they for the final chapter? According to AARP , Boomers will turn 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day over the next 18 years. Is the country ready for this? Are the systems we have in place for aging and end of life care working and can it support such an influx? It is definitely cause for concern according to some ...
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  • National Healthcare Decision Day – Even Young People Have Accidents and Unexpected Illnesses

    National Healthcare Decision Day – Even Young People Have Accidents and Unexpected Illnesses Estate planning is for rich old people, right? Wrong! (I mean, we get it but you’re still wrong.) Everyone over 18 needs some level of estate planning. That magical age when your parents are no longer allowed to make your doctor appointments or handle your savings account for you because you’re legally ...
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  • If we can humanely euthanize our pets, why can’t we do it for ourselves?

    If we can humanely euthanize our pets, why can’t we do it for ourselves? CA passed a death with dignity bill as of 2015 called the California End of Life Option Act. Every client who wants to be able to end their life should they get dementia learns of the limitations of this Act, namely, you must have mental capacity and be expected to die within 6 months in order for it to work. Until our laws ...
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  • Women's History Month: Make Your Own Legacy

    An Advance Health Care Directive, like other estate planning documents, is like Imodium: by the time you need one, it’s already too late to run out and get it. Planning for the unexpected (and sometimes unpleasant) is important! As women, we are all too often called upon to be the ones to plan ahead. Why should what happens to us when we are no longer able to care for ourselves or after we leave ...
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  • A "Happi" Hospice Story

    We have been following LA Times writer, Steve Lopez as he journals his encounter and research through the hospice system. Last week we posted about his regrets with the hospice care his mother, Grace received in her final days. Both that experience and this uplifting story serve as a good reminder to plan ahead for aging loved ones before it is too late. Know your resources and what may be ...
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  • To Grace Lopez with love — and apologies that your end wasn’t better - by Steve Lopez

    "In our rapidly aging country, more than a million older Americans receive hospice care each year. It’s covered by Medicare, and hospitals often recommend it when they know death is near and have nothing left to offer. In retrospect, we could have done some advance research, but like a lot of families, we hadn’t and so had to scramble, making quick decisions at a time we were already overwhelmed ...
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  • RIP Luke Perry

    Rest in Peace Luke Perry. WAKE UP GEN X. Planning for the inevitable isn't just for your Grandparents. https://www.today.com/health/luke-perry-s-death-generation-x-s-wake-call-t149917
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