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Ensure Your Family Has Access to Your Accounts

Imagine what it would be like if you had to find all of the account numbers, passwords and important documents for a loved one without any clues?

How long would that take you? How stressful would that be? What if you couldn’t figure it out?

“When people are under emotional stress that’s out of control, having one designated place containing a list of the essential documents and contact information is the best tool [a person] can deliver [to their] family.”

-John Winter, Investment Adviser

Things to Include:

Financial Institutions, Retirement & Insurance

-Account numbers
-Login information
-Security questions
-Branch addresses & contact numbers
-Other instructions on accessing accounts


-Account numbers
-Login information
-How and when bills are paid (e.g., auto withdrawal, mail, etc.)


-Social media
-Professional websites
-Online shopping (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.)
-Memberships and subscriptions
-Frequent flier accounts
-Business accounts (e.g., website and email host, server, payroll, etc.)
-Tax returns and information
-Computer and personal email passwords

Store your important documents (e.g., estate plan, title documents, insurance policies, etc.) on a cloud server (e.g., www.Docuhome.com**)–anything your designated person might need to take care of you at your incapacity or death.

Don’t forget to encrypt and password-protect any list you have on your computer! Question is: where will you write down THAT password?