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National Preparedness Month

Did you know September is National Preparedness Month?

In California, we don’t really worry about tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes, but earthquakes can occur at any moment. Not to mention, the Santa Ana winds in the fall (and even winter) can create near perfect fire conditions.

It is extremely important to make sure you and your family are prepared in case of a natural disaster! Although National Preparedness Month is coming to a close, it’s definitely not too late to create or update your disaster plan. One way to begin the process is to create a disaster kit. Below, we have included several of the most necessary items to include in your disaster kit. (If you have children, it may also be a good idea to practice family earthquake and fire drills and establish a nearby landmark as a meeting place, should you get separated.)

Disaster Checklist:

-List of prescriptions (and the medications themselves)

-Critical phone numbers and important documents: (insurance coverage, identification, financial information, cash, etc. (See our past post on important emergency documents – click HERE.)

-Current estate plan: if something happens to you or your family during a disaster, it is imperative that you have a current estate plan, so that your wishes can be honored!

-*Water: One gallon per person, per day – three to ten days supply

-*Food (e.g., dry and canned goods)

-*Pet care items (e.g., food, leash/litter, water bowl, medications, etc.)

-Battery-powered landline phone, radio and flashlights (headlamps are even better!). Have lots of extra batteries on hand.

-First-aid kit

*Remember that all consumables should be replaced as needed, based on expiration dates!