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Margaret Smith and Protecting Your Elders

Did you hear about Margaret Smith’s recent kidnapping? Margaret is 89 years old and while at a convenience store, she was approached by two young girls asking for a ride. She wanted to help them but shortly after they got in her car, they took her keys and placed her in the trunk where she remained for two days while they drove around. She had no food, water or medications. They then abandoned her in a field where she crawled around trying to find someone to help her. Meanwhile her family was devastated and had no idea what had happened to her! They were reunited two days later when she was admitted into the hospital.

I’m sure you either have an elderly family member or know of an elderly person in the community. We urge you to take precautions to protect them! At Goldfarb & Luu, we have many ways to help you and your family with resources, services and expert advice.

For the elderly who either live alone or may wander and get lost, a great investment to give the familypeace of mind is the Freedom GPS Watch. This watch includes a GPS so if your loved one goes outside of the pre-designed safety zone, the caregiver or neighbor will be notified of exactly where he or she is located within a ten foot radius.