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Lesson Learned from Obamacare and the US Supreme Court: Always Have a Plan B!

By definition, a Plan B is the reserved, secondary plan in case Plan A fails. In the case of Obamacare, Plan A was the Commerce Clause and Plan B was was Congress’ ability to Tax and Spend. It was Plan B that saved Obama’s butt. Do you have a Plan A or a Plan B?

If you are one of the nearly 70% of Americans who don’t have an updated-customized estate plan, then your Plan A is what we call the “CA Default Plan.” Do you know what this looks like for your family?

The Default Plan kicks in when you have no Advance Health Care Directive, no Durable Power of Attorney, no Will or Trust, or your documents are out-of-date. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, the Default Plan includes expensive court procedures, wasted time and money for your family and a judge making decisions on your behalf despite your wishes. This imposes an extreme emotional and financial burden on your family. Remember, this is not about wealth and age, everyone needs some level of planning.

Here are the Plan A and Plan B that our clients enjoy. Plan A includes a thorough discussion and documentation of your personal wishes for your health, assets and gifts or legacy to family members and friends. Plan B is our maintenance system that ensures your documents will actually work when you need them most!