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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Honoring Your Parents on Parents' Day!

    Did you even know there was such a day? In 1994, President Clinton signed into law a day in which children should recognize and support the role of parents on the 4th Sunday in July. So, even if it’s belated (better late than never), reach out to your parents: do something special or just call them up with a thank you for everything they’ve done for you! If you are a baby boomer and your parents ...
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  • Lesson Learned from Obamacare and the US Supreme Court: Always Have a Plan B!

    By definition, a Plan B is the reserved, secondary plan in case Plan A fails. In the case of Obamacare, Plan A was the Commerce Clause and Plan B was was Congress’ ability to Tax and Spend. It was Plan B that saved Obama’s butt. Do you have a Plan A or a Plan B? If you are one of the nearly 70% of Americans who don’t have an updated-customized estate plan, then your Plan A is what we call the “CA ...
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