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  • World Alzheimer's Day

    Today is World Alzheimer's Day. A day set aside to raise awareness about the disease and the symptoms, and to dispel myths and stigma. Talking openly about symptoms is the first step to break down the walls that stand between us and early diagnosis! Get comfortable talking to your loved one's about the disease now, while everyone is healthy! Here is a list of the top ten things to look for, such ...
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  • Rosh Hashanah Recipe Spotlight

    Our Office Manager, Marla knows her way around the kitchen! Here is just one tasty delight she will be serving up this Jewish New Year. RECIPE : LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Straight from the LA Times...) Many people have the wrong recipe for this delicious classic. The original article was updated a few weeks after it was published with the correct LAUSD ...
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  • Maybe Love Keeps Us Young?

    Love knows no age. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/29/world/ecuador-oldest-married-couple-trnd/index.html Have a safe and healthy Labor Day weekend.
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  • #visitationsaveslives

    We have all become painfully aware of the negative impact the Coronavirus visitation restrictions have had on our elderly community. Those living in Assisted Living, Longterm Care Facilities and Nursing Homes are suffering in unimaginable ways because their loved ones and caregivers are unable to see them. Please visit the link below to download a copy of your VISITATION RIGHTS. We encourage you ...
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  • "A breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research"

    Positive news in the science of Alzheimer's! Early detection has been proven to help preserve quality of life for those diagnosed. This is very encouraging. Thank you @nytimesscience! "The test determined whether people with dementia had Alzheimer’s instead of another condition. And it identified signs of the degenerative, deadly disease 20 years before memory and thinking problems were expected ...
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  • Behind the Red Tape: Disposition, Ceremony & Legacy Planning

    Rebecca recently had the honor of participating in a live community discussion centered around rewriting the way we experience death. The speakers on this panel bring a perspective that many of us have never considered. It was a moving and deeply profound conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Reimagine: Life, Loss & Love. Behind the Red Tape Virtual Discussion
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  • Business Law Basics with Aharoni Business Law

    The Covid-19 pandemic has business owners scrambling all over the globe. Watch and learn as Rebecca hosts dear friend and Business Law attorney, Galia Aharoni Schmidt. Free advice for California business owners, large or small.
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  • Where to Keep Your AHCD

    Quick advice on where to keep important documents! #ahcd #estateplanning #undertheoaks
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  • Changing Your Wishes Amid a Global Pandemic

    The coronavirus has touched all of us in different ways but none more than our elderly family and friends. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/30/865310478/i-find-myself-very-seriously-feeling-hollow-documenting-a-pandemic-experience?utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=npr
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  • LRB - Katherine Rundell - Consider the Greenland Shark

    Yes, we’re all animal loves at Goldfarb & Luu but not necessarily of sea creatures (eek!). This shark should be the exception given how long they live. I had no idea an animal could live this long — hundreds of years! This is a must read and tell us what you think!!
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  • Peyo the Healing Horse

    I’m not just posting this because I’m a horse lover but because it’s a touching example of how we can help each other feel better in times of need, even in the most surprising ways! Please watch and share your thoughts!
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  • Happy Mother's Day Message from Rebecca

    The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way we work and live and maybe even the way we love? Many of my friends are more connected to their families than ever before. Not just those in their homes, but those that live at a distance (no matter how far)! FaceTime and Zoom have allowed them to casually keep in touch more often and their relationships are less tense, unhurried and relaxed. ...
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  • "Deal With It" Video - What Happens When You Don't Have a Will

    The information in this video is too good not to share! This panel from the 2019 Deal With It: A Women's Conference takes you step by awful step through what happens when you don’t get your affairs in order and leave your loved ones holding the bag. Featuring Rebeca Goldfarb (Goldfarb & Luu, Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm), Dina Kuperstock, (Chaplain/Spiritual Care Provider, MPTF), and Anne ...
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  • Caregiver Cabin Fever During Covid-19: Advice from Alz LA

    Our friends at Alzheimer's LA always offer the best advice for Alzheimer's patients and their care givers. This post in their "Ask Miriam" column offers tips for those of us sheltering in place with our loved ones. Check it out! https://www.alzheimersla.org/ask-miriam-2020-04/
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  • Coronavirus Resources - One Stop Shopping May Be Better for Your Health

    If there is one thing that we have learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, thus far is that information overload is exhausting. In some cases, access to too much information is mentally draining, confusing and induces unhealthy levels of fear and anxiety. To combat this, some companies are offering their friends, clients and neighbors resource pages to serve as a "one stop shop" on their websites. ...
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