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  • Rebecca and About Senior Solutions FaceBook Live Stream-Visionary Aging: Living and Aging Your Way

    Rebecca had the pleasure of joining Mary Winners of About Senior Solutions for a Facebook live chat about estate planning. Watch and enjoy!
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  • March is Women's History Month. Celebrate and Write Your Own Legacy...

    An Advance Health Care Directive , like other estate planning documents, is like Imodium: by the time you need one, it’s already too late to run out and get it. Planning for the unexpected (and sometimes unpleasant) is important! As women, we are all too often called upon to be the ones to plan ahead. Why should what happens to us when we are no longer able to care for ourselves or after we leave ...
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  • Make Sure Your Family Can Access Your Accounts

    This is a repost from a while back but not an out of date topic! Checkout this recent video for additional details. Imagine what it would be like if you had to find all of the account numbers, passwords and important documents for a loved one without any clues? How long would that take you? How stressful would that be? What if you couldn’t figure it out? “When people are under emotional stress ...
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  • Column: The deaths of Tommy Lasorda and Tom LaBonge leave a hole in the heart of the city

    In the span of several hours, Los Angeles lost two of its biggest personalities, and the city won’t be the same without them. Former L.A. City Councilman and four-decade public servant Tom LaBonge died unexpectedly Thursday night at his home in Silver Lake at age 67. And then we all woke to the news Friday morning that Hall of Fame Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda, a World Series champion, had died at ...
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  • Estate Planning for Blended Families

    Estate Planning for Blended Families Blog Making an estate plan can be complicated. Now imagine a blended family – think Brady Bunch – making an estate plan . This means double the trouble, more opinions than necessary – add a smidge of hurt feelings, a dash of pride, a boatload of drama and voila! The perfect recipe for disaster! But… it doesn’t have to be this way. Discover the common problems ...
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  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: How to make it a day of service even when you're stuck at home

    "Caught between colliding pressures of a pandemic, political unrest and outcries for social justice, this Martin Luther King Day of Service is unlike any other. But despite the limitations of the season, this federal holiday doesn't have to be any less impactful. Now more than ever, MLK Day of Service is enabling everyday people to roll up their sleeves and help their communities -- even while ...
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  • Happy New Year! It's International Walk Your Dog Month

    Welcome to 2021! We are all hopeful that this year brings healing and health, on every level, to our country and our world! What better way to kick off your NEW Year than to walk your furry friend? Walking with a friend is good for you both! Research shows that owning a dog comes with a myriad of health benefits! The list is long and includes things like; lowering your blood pressure, improving ...
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  • NYE Trivia from the Goldluus

    Team member, Tyler Crowley is our very own walking encyclopedia! Take a look at his New Year's Eve trivia facts... The longest firework display ever, consisted of 810,904 fireworks lasting for a total of 1 HOUR, 1 MINUTE and 32.35 SECONDS! The average babysitter rate increases by 20% on New Year’s Eve compared to any other day of the year. The weight of the Times Square Ball is 11,875 pounds (or ...
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  • He promised his dying wife he'd keep the house. Then he took out a reverse mortgage

    Column: He promised his dying wife he'd keep the house. Then he took out a reverse mortgage By Steve Lopez latimes.com — There is nothing grand about the white one-story house in the middle of Roxbury Drive in San Bernardino, particularly in its current state of disrepair. But to Juan Gutierrez, that house is home. As a young man he worked in construction, saved up for a down payment and, in 1968, ...
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  • Holiday Book List for the Grounded Traveler

    Just in time for holiday break, another team entry of T he Goldluu's ! This post is written by our newest team member, Mollie Grubman. She is a new college grad and adventurer! Enjoy her travel bug turned book critic (thanks to covid). During normal times, you’d find me with my head in the clouds – literally! I am an avid frugal traveler. I’ve gone on many expeditions around the country and the ...
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  • Urgent - Prop 19 - Does It Effect Me?

    We hope you are well. Recently, California voters approved Prop 19 which affects county property taxes. If you don’t own a house, you can skip reading this email. However, if you fall into one of these categories, please contact us to create or update your estate plan around Prop 19: Your current annual property taxes are low You own one or more real properties in CA You plan on giving your real ...
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  • SAFE On-Line Shopping Tips from G&L's Tech Guru

    The next entry in our staff blog series of the Goldluu's is from our "Team Techy," Norman. Stay safe this holiday shopping season with his tips! From Black Friday deals to holiday specials, the holiday shopping season is here again but with a twist . With both statewide and countywide “Stay-At-Home" orders and the fears of in-person, brick-and-mortar shopping, today's shoppers are relying more and ...
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  • Mindful Monday

    For the next Blog in our series from the GoldLuu's, Stephanie offers a quick meditation that fits into anyone's day! "As Thanksgiving approaches, let's share in a moment, at least once a day, to meditate, find something to be grateful for and live in the moment."
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    I am going on a hunch here, but my guess is that you and your family are ready for a break from the news? Yeah, us too! So there is no better time to kick off our new Blog Series, The Goldluus . These entries will be from each of our team members; musings, trivia, personal stories and the like! You are going to love it. As a result of the pandemic, my wife Elena and I needed a distraction from the ...
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  • World Alzheimer's Day

    Today is World Alzheimer's Day. A day set aside to raise awareness about the disease and the symptoms, and to dispel myths and stigma. Talking openly about symptoms is the first step to break down the walls that stand between us and early diagnosis! Get comfortable talking to your loved one's about the disease now, while everyone is healthy! Here is a list of the top ten things to look for, such ...
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